Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ART Institute

It was one of the most amazing museums that I have visited. The Museum has a lot of amazing artworks of many famous artists.  First of all, my classmates and I visited the Van Gogh part that has many artworks for him such as madame Roulin Rocking the Cradle and Arlesienns.

I l discovered from Van Gogh painting that he liked the nature because most of his panting was about it.

Also, Monet has specific style that he used it on most of his pantings, and each one of his artworks is worth several million (up to 25 million).

 Most of the artworks of Georges Seurar have many people in one panting.

the succeed panting was the outline of the first one.
In addition, Paul Gauguin invented Earthly Paradise that I saw it in the museum, it was a small table.

My favorite artworks in this museum were in the last room “in fact I did not know who the artist who made them was, but I liked his/her ideas to builds small places.

My comment of this picture:


it is such as 3d picture that let us know the artist skills. I liked it because there are many things in one panting, such as people, buildings, roads, and umbrellas.

Artist Project

I watched Frida Kahlo Film. This movie talked about the artist Frida Kahlo and her life and artworks. First of all, Frida is from Mexican, her father wanted a boy before she was born, so because of that Frida looked like a boy during she was teenager and she was wearing men clothes.

Frida hobby was painting because most of her family was painters. When she was teenager, she had accident that caused a lot of injuries in her body. After the accident she couldn't walk for a few months. In fact, her parents were not having enough money to take care of her, so she felt that she was a burden for them. During she was in bed, she was drawing everything around her.

when she could walk, she went to Diego Rivera" he was one of Mexico's greatest artist. She was married to him that was the beginning of the road to success.

 He helped and supported her lot to become better. Diego was betrayal man, but she was still loves him. In addition, Frida Kahlo liked to express her feeling by drawing. For example, when she had a miscarriage, she was sad, so she drew painting about that.

When Diego betrayed her, she cut her heir and drew herself.

Also, many famous artists eulogized and supported her. She had a lot of problems in her life, but she was still doing her hoppy. 

I think Frida is a good example that can help disabled people to keep going to their dream. Although all her problems, she became one of the most famous artist. In fact, most of her painting I saw them before I watched the film. For example,

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The AIC website

         It was a great experience. This website was organized and it has 15 collections. in fact, it was difficult to choose 10 artworks because there were a lot of artworks that catch my attention. Also, this website show us the artwork and give us all the information about them that made people interested to this website. in addition, my favorite collection was the contemporary because all the artwork in this collection are such as real panting.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Museum of Mexican Art

It was the first time that I have visited the National Museum of Mexican Art, and it was the first time I have visited this kind of museum”. The museum has many amazing exhibits. Each one of them has story about dead people. I was shocked when I heard some story about the dead people that made me interested to Google it about some of them.
There were many artworks that caught my attention, but the most one of them was this painting
Because of it made up of 3 pictures on one panting.
first of all the first exhibit was about  the dead people.



the person who is in the picture dead a month ago.

the idea of the exhibit was to collect some stuff that were important for the dead people and mix them together.  

the second exhibit was about many amazing paintings





it is such as a real picture, it caught my attention.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Public Art Tour Project

3  weeks ago, I walked around the loop to take 10 pictures for artworks, the weather was a nice, and I went there with Omar. First of all, this activity was not just homework; it opened a window in my mind for many artworks that I did not pay attention about them before. I read about some of them and I discovered many interesting information about the artworks and I knew the location of most of them, so when my family come to Chicago, we can go there and tell them about the information what I learned and read about the artworks. In fact, my view of many artworks changed. For example, before I read about some of them and why did the artists draw them, I was not interest when I walked next them, but now when I read and discovered a lot of information about them, I have started to pay attention for the artworks.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


It was a great trip, I spent amazing time there. First of all, the weather was raining, and we went there by walking, but the place is near the college. When we arrived, we started discovering the place and took pictures. I saw many art works, but I couldn't touch them because it was not allowed. In fact, the most important thing that was attracting the pillows's room, we spent most of the time there. Some students tried to make pillows because it was allowed.