Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ART Institute

It was one of the most amazing museums that I have visited. The Museum has a lot of amazing artworks of many famous artists.  First of all, my classmates and I visited the Van Gogh part that has many artworks for him such as madame Roulin Rocking the Cradle and Arlesienns.

I l discovered from Van Gogh painting that he liked the nature because most of his panting was about it.

Also, Monet has specific style that he used it on most of his pantings, and each one of his artworks is worth several million (up to 25 million).

 Most of the artworks of Georges Seurar have many people in one panting.

the succeed panting was the outline of the first one.
In addition, Paul Gauguin invented Earthly Paradise that I saw it in the museum, it was a small table.

My favorite artworks in this museum were in the last room “in fact I did not know who the artist who made them was, but I liked his/her ideas to builds small places.

My comment of this picture:


it is such as 3d picture that let us know the artist skills. I liked it because there are many things in one panting, such as people, buildings, roads, and umbrellas.

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