Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Artist Project

I watched Frida Kahlo Film. This movie talked about the artist Frida Kahlo and her life and artworks. First of all, Frida is from Mexican, her father wanted a boy before she was born, so because of that Frida looked like a boy during she was teenager and she was wearing men clothes.

Frida hobby was painting because most of her family was painters. When she was teenager, she had accident that caused a lot of injuries in her body. After the accident she couldn't walk for a few months. In fact, her parents were not having enough money to take care of her, so she felt that she was a burden for them. During she was in bed, she was drawing everything around her.

when she could walk, she went to Diego Rivera" he was one of Mexico's greatest artist. She was married to him that was the beginning of the road to success.

 He helped and supported her lot to become better. Diego was betrayal man, but she was still loves him. In addition, Frida Kahlo liked to express her feeling by drawing. For example, when she had a miscarriage, she was sad, so she drew painting about that.

When Diego betrayed her, she cut her heir and drew herself.

Also, many famous artists eulogized and supported her. She had a lot of problems in her life, but she was still doing her hoppy. 

I think Frida is a good example that can help disabled people to keep going to their dream. Although all her problems, she became one of the most famous artist. In fact, most of her painting I saw them before I watched the film. For example,

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