Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Public Art Tour Project

3  weeks ago, I walked around the loop to take 10 pictures for artworks, the weather was a nice, and I went there with Omar. First of all, this activity was not just homework; it opened a window in my mind for many artworks that I did not pay attention about them before. I read about some of them and I discovered many interesting information about the artworks and I knew the location of most of them, so when my family come to Chicago, we can go there and tell them about the information what I learned and read about the artworks. In fact, my view of many artworks changed. For example, before I read about some of them and why did the artists draw them, I was not interest when I walked next them, but now when I read and discovered a lot of information about them, I have started to pay attention for the artworks.  

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